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Damian Gostomski

I'm the lead NodeJS developer working at GoDaddy EMEA. I develop business critical applications which operate at a global scale

How to generate PDFs in React

January 06, 2019

There are plenty of options for generating PDFs - printing anything from a browser as PDF (using the print stylesheet), exporting from Word…

Thoughts on Tailwind CSS - utility first CSS

January 03, 2019

I’ve recently been using Tailwind CSS on a number of projects and have really enjoyed the experience so far. Tailwind is a utility-first…

New year resolutions for developers

January 01, 2019

As the new year begins, a lot of people will be taking this time to set some new year resolutions, both personal and also work related. I’ve…

Add page transitions to Gatsby

December 30, 2018

Although by default Gatsby manages navigation without reloading the entire page, I wanted the experience to be more seamless instead of a…

10 reasons I love Netlify

December 28, 2018

Netlify is like static site hosting with superpowers. I’ve recently been using it for some side projects and experimentation, and now also…

Thoughts on being an in-house developer

December 26, 2018

Before my current role at GoDaddy, I’ve always worked at agencies as a full stack web developer. I specialised in WordPress development…