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How to generate PDFs in React

Although printing a page as PDF is good enough for most sites, if you need some more granular control or want to generate PDFs programatically, then React PDF is a great option and builds on top of my existing knowledge of React instead of having to learn something completely different.

Thoughts on Tailwind CSS - utility first CSS

The thought of utility based CSS frameworks was a big turn off for me, but Tailwind CSS makes perfect sense to me, and has helped me work on designs much more quickly and efficiently and gets rid of several headaches such as naming CSS classes and the hassle of pre-processors.

New year resolutions for developers

Start the new year on the right foot with these 9 goals to help you progress and continue to improve. This will range from learning new languages, tools and frameworks, to share that knowledge by teaching others or contributing to open source.

Add page transitions to Gatsby

By default, Gatsby will do a hard swap for the page content when navigating, but if you want to have a smooth transition between pages, you may run into a build error. This post helps understand why this happens and how to resolve it.

10 reasons I love Netlify

The more I use Netlify, the more I love it. It works great with static site generators like Gatsby (which this site is built with), while adding any extras for things like handling form submissions, lambda functions, per branch deployments and abstracting away the whole CI/CD process.

Thoughts on being an in-house developer

Before my current role at GoDaddy, I've always worked at agencies where you face different projects and challenges on a regular basis, and thought that working in house might be monotonous, but my current role shows that is far from the case.
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